Report: US Steel Development Could Create 10K Jobs In Bucks County

Developing an abandoned U.S. Steel site in Bucks County could bring up to 10,000 new industrial jobs to Bucks County, officials say.

Falls Township supervisors are reviewing plans to redevelop 10 million square feet.

NorthPoint Development is buying more than 1,800 acres from U.S. Steel. The real estate and development company, based in Missouri, proposes building at least 20 industrial warehouse buildings on the property.ADVERTISING

Under the $1.5 billion plan, NorthPoint would rename the Keystone Industrial Port Complex to be the Keystone Trade Center, company spokesman Jed Momot told supervisors on Monday, according to this report by Patch.

NorthPoint hopes the new warehouses could be used by major companies like Amazon, Walmart, UPS and FedEx.

Township supervisors are scheduled to meet again on Monday, Dec. 14, when they are expected to vote on an overall developer’s agreement for the project.

Northpoint estimates that $25 million will be spent on cleaning up pollution at the site, which overlooks the Delaware River and is located near Interstates 95, 295 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

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