Our Brand Promise

Building relationships
in commercial real estate
that go beyond the contract

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capital raised since 2012
Million SF
industrial space developed & managed since 2012
industrial clients

Our Difference

Providing excellence through relationships, partnership & ingenuity with global brands.

Our commitment to building relationships before square footage has enabled us to gain the trust of brands from startups to global leaders.

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Our Values

Beyond the contract is about values, generosity, community and appreciation for:

- Our Partners
- Our People
- Our Community

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Our Family of Companies

NorthPoint businesses go beyond development and bring with them the same level of quality customer focus

Our history began as a commercial real estate developer specializing in industrial and multi-family development. Since our inception in 2012; NorthPoint has grown to become a family of seven companies spanning several industries.

Our Stories

The economic impact of development on a community

Logistics Park Kansas City began construction in 2012 bringing thousands of jobs to a small community.

The economic boost of new jobs has generated an increase in the number of new businesses, increased home values, increased incomes and increased area high school graduation rates.

12K+ estimated jobs Created
9% growth in number of businesses
56% increase in home values

Building relationships and improving lives in the community

NorthPoint Development strives to have a positive impact on communities. We aim to strengthen communities, create jobs, and put cities on the map.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what the City of Belton and City of Hazelwood have to say.

3K+ estimated jobs created
5+ families adopted