RACER Trust Announces Sale Of Two Former GM Facilities

Two former General Motors facilities have officially been sold off and will be redeveloped with help from NorthPoint Development. The RACER Trust officially announced a mix of manufacturing, warehouse and distribution operations is planned for the former GM Lansing and Delta Township facilities.

In total, the two sites cover 260 acres and will be repurposed for mostly automotive sector needs. Specifically, the sites cover plants 2 and 3, located in Lansing Township. Plant 5 property is in Delta Township and the plant 6 property is in the City of Lansing.

The redevelopment will undergo cleanup first, as part of RACER’s agreement with Department of Environmental Quality, and will work with NorthPoint to ensure remediation work is done properly.

“NorthPoint Development has rapidly emerged as a national leader in the construction of facilities that play an important role in the making and moving of critical supply-chain components,” said Elliott P. Laws, of EPLET, LLC, administrative trustee of RACER Trust.

“NorthPoint projects have resulted in hundreds of jobs and created new economic vitality and opportunities for a growing number of communities. We’re excited by the vision NorthPoint has for our Lansing-area properties, and to know that the redevelopment of these properties will be in such capable hands.”

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