New self-storage business will open first units outside Kansas, Missouri

NorthPoint Development, a Riverside-based real estate development firm, expects to open the first two of five facilities it plans for the Pittsburgh region next month.
With the January openings, NorthPoint’s Beyond Self Storage concept will have started its planned expansion into markets outside Kansas and Missouri.
NorthPoint’s prototype is a three-story, climate-controlled structure encompassing 100,000 square feet. Each costs about $9 million to build, not including the price of the land, said Ben Hagedorn, director of self-storage operations.
“We’re excited about investing in Pittsburgh because of the amount of growth and reinvestment happening across the city,” Hagedorn told the Pittsburgh Business Times, a sister paper of the Kansas City Business Journal. “We believe this type of growth signifies the strength of the community and offers exciting prospects for the future.”
NorthPoint started out by repurposing the former U.S. Safety headquarters building at 8101 Lenexa Drive in Lenexa into 600 self-storage units. After experiencing local success with its unintentional self-storage experiment, it went on to open a pair of facilities in the St. Louis area this summer.
Ben Hagedorn told the Kansas City Business Journal in April that NorthPoint is intent on eventually dominating the self-storage market nationwide with its new development model.
According to the Beyond Self Storage website, the company is nearing completion on two facilities in the Minneapolis area, and working on another two facilities near Detroit and a third near Pittsburgh. The construction is being fueled by a fund NorthPoint raised in 2016 to build 13 self-storage structures.

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