Logistics Park’s second phase officially lands big tenant

Kubota Tractor Corp. closed on the purchase of 200 acres in Logistic Park Kansas City’s second phase, where it plans two 1 million-square-foot facilities.

The Edgerton facility will become Kubota’s newest Midwest Division office, the company announced in a release. Its existing facility in the park’s first phase, where Kubota began leasing in 2015, will remain in operation until the new facilities are complete.

Last year, a group of affiliates for NorthPoint Development, the Riverside-based master developer of Logistics Park, began buying up development land near the park, space that ultimately was part of 575 acres annexed by Edgerton.

A neighbor of the Kubota site contacted the Kansas City Business Journal in December after her sleuthing determined what was happening near her property.

The new facility will allow Kubota to receive and process shipments from North America, Asia and Europe with added capacity and accelerated shipping speed, the company said in the release.

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