Capstone Awards 2017: Infrastructure – Waverly Road design-build

Location: Edgerton

Size: Three miles

Value: $30 million

Players: NorthPoint Development, city of Edgerton, Kansas Department of Transportation, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Clarkson Construction Co., HDR Inc., Renaissance Infrastructure Consulting, Terra Technologies Inc., BG Consultants Inc.

Description: The Waverly Road project includes nearly three miles of new concrete roadway and a grade separation over the BNSF Railway Intermodal lead track at Logistics Park Kansas City. A 1,700-acre master-planned distribution and warehouse development in Edgerton, LPKC is in the southwest part of the metro area. The project was led by the city of Edgerton in partnership with KDOT, BNSF and NorthPoint Development.

Features: Unique features of the roadway construction include a typical section to support truck traffic for nonstandard, heavy loads. This type of section, said Beth Linn, Edgerton city administrator, is crucial to the movement of freight in LPKC. “The grade separation at the BNSF Intermodal lead track ensures Waverly Road traffic can operate without delays due to train traffic,” she said.

Challenges: The project worked under an accelerated schedule to open access to direct rail-served property north of 183rd Street, allowing 3.4 million additional square feet of direct rail space. In conjunction with the project, BNSF Railway constructed an industrial lead track to serve the property north of its LPKC Intermodal Facility for rail-served warehouses.

“This schedule required significant dedication of time and resources by the entire design/build team — including the owner — but illustrates the entire team’s commitment to meeting the needs of critical infrastructure for current and future tenants of LPKC,” Linn said.

Financing: Funding for Waverly Road was provided through a funding agreement with KDOT for as much as $30 million. As part of that agreement, Edgerton will repay 20 percent of the cost of construction by dedicating the city utility sales tax revenue generated by tenants of LPKC. Funding for the construction of the industrial lead track was proved by BNSF Railway.

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