California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosure

Updated: Dec 5th, 2020

This California Privacy Act disclosure page is congruent with NorthPoint Development Privacy Policy. Our privacy policy describes the personal information we collect, and the purpose of collecting that information. The following are additional disclosures required by the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Personal Information Collection. 

The personal information collected by NorthPoint Development falls under the categories established by the California Consumer Privacy Act.

  • Name, Email, Phone Number, Company Name, IP Address
  • Geolocation data such as location of our device or computer

Right to request access to or deletion of Personal information

You may have the right under the California Consumer Privacy act to request about the collection of your personal information by NorthPoint Development, or deletion of your personal information. If this something you wish to do, please visit our connect with us page and get in touch with our team.

No sale of personal information

In the 12 months prior to the effective date of this disclosure, NorthPoint Development has not sold any personal information of users, consumers, or businesses, as those terms are defined in the California Consumer Privacy Act.

No Discrimination

NorthPoint Development will not discriminate against any consumer exercising their rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act.