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I am happy to have the opportunity to discuss and detail my experience with Northpoint, from the very beginning to present day as a tenant.  As a small to medium sized company, one of the most critical relationships I have is with the ownership of the facilities we operate out of.  We were looking to expand our operation in St Louis, MO where we had operated for over 6 years.  This expansion came at a critical time, as steady growth in the warehouse and fulfillment areas of our business were growing rapidly across multiple markets and we needed to locate a state of the art facility in STL to keep up with the demand and satisfy the very stringent requirements of our customer base.  We found this and so much more at Northpoint’s, Hazelwood Tradeport.

The decision to move forward with Hazelwood Tradeport was an easy one, the location and facility itself stood out among all the other locations we viewed.  While working with our agent on the final decision he did something that we had never heard from an agent before, which was to describe the expected relationship we would receive specifically from the Northpoint staff as part of our decision.  He did this no doubt because he actually listened to me (this has to be mentioned because it does not always happen) when I described some of the not so pleasant experiences we have had in the past and knew how much I value a partnership versus just a vendor/customer experience.  His opinion was clear when he said “you will not find a better group then Northpoint to provide your company with the tools and backing it needs to be successful”, he could have not been more accurate in that statement.

From the very beginning of discussing the space, the Northpoint staff were quick to respond to all questions and requests we made.  The answers were coming directly from the local group, as apposed to being differed to another department out of state or country.  This for me is a very good sign, good communication and local decision making makes a working relationship that much better.  All of our requests were met with options, not “no’s or not sure we can do that”, which led to us signing a deal within a couple of weeks, record timing!  The communication with the Northpoint staff is the same today as it was at the beginning, with good communication, quick replies and a true partner in our day to day operation.

Northpoint has built a beautiful space that is equipped like a company with vast experience would set up a warehouse space, or more directly, how I would build a warehouse.  All of the dock doors have pit levelers, exterior surrounds (to keep the cold and heat outside), door track protection to prevent negligent warehouse staff from damaging door tracks, and insulated doors.  The grade high door is equipped with an electric motor and is insulated, a very nice standard feature.  Our building has 36’ clear height with ESFR sprinkler system ready to handle any customer requirements.  The warehouse came equipped with a HVAC system to help maintain moderate temperatures with Winter and Summer setting.  This unit has already helped us secure business with a customer that has a product that needs to be kept from extreme low temps.   Even the janitor closet was equipped with a very useful stainless shelf with hangers for mops and brooms above the janitor sink, and we were provided two drinking fountains, one ADA.  So not just the big items but attention to the small details that finish the space properly. 

The office has 10’ tall ceilings with full height windows letting in plenty of light to my staff.  The office, bathrooms and break room were equipped with quality materials and thoughtfulness to make this a place people want to come to work in.

All of these items were included by Northpoint as part of the standard build, which in my experience is not typical, but very much appreciated, and goes a long way not just to our employees mental state, but to actual employee retainment!  If employees have a nice facility to work out of, they will be happier and more productive, a win for them and for the company.  As a business owner I am always looking for advantages to creating a productive and successful environment for me and my staff and we found it here, with Northpoint, at Hazelwood Tradeport.

Best regards,
Dave Chalmers
Bridgetown Trucking
14135 NE Airport Way
Portland, OR 97230