Our core values set the foundation of our culture and guide us in every business decision.

Live Generously

We believe we have an obligation to give back to the community through charitable efforts and, as a token of our appreciation to those who have helped us succeed, we will pay it forward.

Do The Right Thing Every Time

As we conduct our business, we will operate with the highest integrity and we shall strive to live by the Golden Rule.

Take Ownership of Every Situation

Every individual shall take ownership, be accountable, and take responsibility while avoiding blame, excuses, and denial. We will always strive to admit, learn, and grow from failure and mistakes.

Live Generously

We believe we have an obligation to give back to the community through charitable efforts and, as a token of our appreciation to those who have helped us succeed, we will pay it forward.

Maintain Financial Discipline

We will approach every deal with an appropriate margin of safety and maintain our financial discipline while never stretching for a deal or becoming greedy.

Put People First

The relationships with our customers, employees, and investors are our most valuable assets. We will strive to always take care of each other and to operate our business so that we maintain our culture of appreciation, respect, transparency, and we shall avoid office politics.

Our Purpose

Empower People : Enhance Lives

A simple statement but this goes to the heart of the true purpose of NorthPoint. Our firm serves a platform to help our employees grow, achieve their personal goals and positively impact the lives of others through all interactions. We are committed to enriching the lives of everyone we interact with, from our employees to our tenants, investors, customers, and vendors.

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Live Generously

Doing right for our communities.

We are committed to helping support our employees’ charitable endeavors by matching 100% of the charitable donations that all of our employees make. This allows the charity of our organization to reflect the values of each of our employees.

We have made the goal of helping people who are less fortunate to be a part of the fabric of our company; it will be an active goal of our company to seek out and help others. We want to look back over our careers and be proud of the good that we have done.

Our contributions have been raised through numerous fundraising events, the employer match program and community outreach programs.


Creating trusted and enduring relationships with clients, teammates and communities

Our culture is a reflection of the 1,000's of decisions each of our team members make each day guided by our core values. These values are the fabric of our culture and each team member is committed to practicing them. We believe the successes we've experienced are from the focus of doing the right thing every time.

Our People

Chicago team packed 1,719 nutritious meals for children in West Africa

Our Chicago team volunteered their time hand-packing nutritious meals with Feed My Starving Children. The session they attended packed 31,968 meals that will feed 88 kids for a year. The Chicago team packed approximately 1,719 meals that will feed 4.7 kids for a year! The meals packed were going to West Africa.

Feed My Starving Children provides nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children! No one deserves to go hungry, especially when we can do something about it.

Charles Crew raised nearly $14,000 for the Apraxia community

Many NorthPointer’s came out to show their support at the 2019 Kansas City Walk for Apraxia.

In total, NorthPointers raised nearly $14,000! This money will help low-income families afford early testing for their kids, the resulting therapy, and potential software/hardware for the most severe diagnosis.

The work that Apraxia Kids does helps strengthen the support systems in the lives of children with apraxia so that each child is afforded their best opportunity to develop to their full potential.

Admin team continuously supports Ronald McDonald House of Kansas City

The Ronald McDonald House of Kansas City serves around 87 families on any given night.

The Admin Team has made over 20 blankets to take to the Ronald McDonald House of KC, provided supplies and food to stock the pantry at their houses, and served breakfast for the family community room at Children’s Mercy! What’s next, admins?

20+ Blankets Made
50+ Meals Prepared