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It is our people who make this company what it is today

Our culture - the secret sauce to our success. It is a reflection of the 1,000’s of decisions each of our team members make each day that are guided by our core values.

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Our Founder

A unique culture of support, gratitude, and innovation.

We acknowledge and see the unique value added through a culture developed around core values.

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“NorthPoint is a place where you can manifest your skillset and achieve team-oriented results. I think our biggest differentiator is the power of innovative problem solving-everyone is always looking to better themselves and our processes. I’m proud to work for humble leadership that practices vulnerability and honesty.” 


I have been with NorthPoint Development for two years now and I have found my home! For years, I looked for a company that not only spoke of strong values but actually lived into those values. Every decision made by our people is made by looking at our core values to ensure we are aligning with them.  There is a culture of gratitude and everyone is rowing the same direction to accomplish goals! It is such an inspiring place to work and I have never wanted to work harder and do better for an organization before. The leadership team is so transparent and encourages feedback- you feel seen and heard and it is incredible to work for an organization that values its people so highly. NorthPoint Development is truly the best place to work and has been such a blessing in my life, and the lives of everyone that works here!”


There has not been a day that I’ve questioned why I work at NorthPoint. I have been truly blessed to be a part of the studioNorth and NorthPoint families and recognize that this is the best place for my career and my family to thrive. From the Core Values and into the depths of the core operating principles, NorthPoint makes it clear that the people and culture of the company are the essence of what makes it the best place to work. While the day-to-day may fluctuate, the interaction with my associates produces a consistent fervor for my efforts and drive to push through obstacles. Andy Bernard in the series finale of The Office quipped “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” I believe I’ve found that way.”